New galleries: Alaa Satir, Agit8d1, Abraham.o1, Uhoh, Canevil, Bilag, Beirdo, Bee, Beart11, Bates, Balloon Boy, 8bit, 3DUK?, 2TailDog

In the first update to The Street Art Directory for a while we have added a selection of new artist galleries. From our recent visit to Norway we include Canevil, Bilag, Beart11 and Bee who were all snapped around Bergen. We also include Uhoh and Bates with murals we found in Leicester last year. The remaining artists – Alaa Satir, Agit8d1, Abraham.o1, Beirdo, Ballooon Boy, 8bit, 3DUK?, 2TailDog – are all included based on works from the walls of East London.

Canivil’s take on Maria from The Sound of Music by the harbour in Bergen, Norway. Facing the water this of one of a couple of great stencils that can be seen well from the hotels on the opposite shore
A small piece by Bilag on a street cabinet in Bergen.
This chimpanzee by Beart11 in a rustic frame sits amongst many artworks on the wall along Kong Oscars Gate in Bergen.
These green electric scooters are ubiquitous around Bergen and it is no surprise to see an artist embrace one in a stencil – this one by Bee.
One of a couple of works by Uhoh side by side in a wall in Leicester.
This large smurf-related mural in Leicester by Bates makes quite a statement.
Large monochrome paste-up by Alaa Satir off Brick Lane in London.
Agit8d1’s Oscar Wilde paste-up from the London International Pasteup Festival.
Detailed and very well observed Abraham.o1 mural in Allen Gardens.
Beirdo putting the finishing touches to a street piece.
Some of the Ballooon Boy pasteups which we have found in the Brick Lane area of London.
Banksy-inspired stencillist 3DUK?’s piece in Star Yard, London.
A charming mosaic owl in London by 8bit.
2TailDog has recently installed some expressionist dog pasteups around Brick Lane.

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