New galleries: Stephen Hiam & David Gersch

During our recent wander round the streets of Shoreditch the work of two artists seemed to pup up on every corner. Here at The Street Art Directory we were previously unaware of Stephen Hiam‘s work. His monochrome stylised head pasteups are certainly very striking, their simple bold form making them stand out on even the busiest wall. We were really pleased to be able to photograph over 20 of Stephen’s works and these now populate his gallery page on the website. Stephen does not (yet) have a website but you can find more of his works on his Instagram page: @stephen_hiam.

Stephen Hiam

The other artist that has obviously had a prolific streak around East London is David Gersch. David’s pixellated self portrait pasteups and stencils are spread widely around Shoreditch. We’ve added those we stumbled across to David’s gallery page on the website. David’s instagram (@thedavidgersch) and website inform us that he is a “World Renowned Artist & NFT Creator” and we look forward to seeing more of his work.

David Gersch.

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