The modern street art movement continues to provide clever, skilful and politically charged art to the public, with the buildings and walls of the world forming an ever-changing gallery that is always open.

Street art is, by its very nature, ephemeral. A work created one day can be covered up, defaced or embellished in a matter of hours. The works of the more established and respected artists last longer – often years – but still change over time due to changing lighting, the effects of the weather and the surrounding environment. All street art works exist in the context of their location, and associated works at a moment in time.

The Street Art Directory showcases street art, urban art and graffiti works by some of the world’s greatest artists and household names, as well as the less well known, who decorate our cities with murals, paste-ups stencils and sculptures.

All photographs on this site are protected by copyright and may not be reused or published in any form without the express permission of the photographer, who can be contacted via The Street Art Directory.

Artwork is displayed to showcase the breadth and diversity of street art around the world. The presence of political, religious or other opinion in the art should not be taken as an assertion that these same views are held by the photographer or The Street Art Directory.