Everton Wright (Evewright)

Everton Wright (EVEWRIGHT) is a British artist who uses a diverse range of media spanning moving-image, drawing, performance, painting and sculpture. Influenced by his heritage his practice explores the relationship between the body, identity, Britishness, and spaces they inhabit in public and virtual realms. Evewright studied at Central St Martins and Middlesex University.

Evewright delivered online workshop sessions in June 2020 from his studio in Essex via video link where ideas for the new mural below were developed with young people in Ipswich for the Art Eat festival. The mural is inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther film. The mural was painted by Philip Melling and 26 volunteers – the young people who were workshop participants, a few people passing by, and members of Art Eat Festival Community Committee during 5 days in July 2020.