Johnny Howl

I create art to encourage inclusivity, confidence and empowerment. ‘Howl’ is a cry against exploitation, repression and oppression. 

Johnny Howl is my pseudonym. At my day job I am known as Johnny Larran. 

I’ve always loved the word ‘howl’. In my teens the word cropped up everywhere I looked; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Allen Ginsberg, my favourite monster films from the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

‘The Wolf Man’ starring Lon Chaney is an inspiration for not only my pseudonym, but also for my ‘Wolf Dude’ piece, which represents change and the idea that we can be more than one thing, by day one thing and by night something totally contradictory; like a werewolf roaming the night wearing sunglasses.

Cry from the rooftops and howl at the moon, 

Johnny Howl
Instagram: johnnyhowlclub