New galleries: Amuk, Amed, Catherine Chinatree, Candie, Carl Kenz, Brave 1, Ster, Voyder, Dan Leo, Yeko, Soma359

Here’s the latest selection of street artists who have their own gallery page on The Street Art Directory website. We have added a few that we photographed at the recent Southend City JamAmuk, Amed, Brave 1, Ster, Voyder, Dan Leo and Yeko. We’ve got loads more artists to add to the site from the Southend jam and will share more in the coming days and weeks. There’s also work by Catherine Chinatree from Leicester and a couple from Soma359 from The Wirral, one of which was also featured in our review of street art featuring Boris Johnson.

The Dan Leo gallery brings together pics of a few of his wildlife murals. As well as the impressive crab from Southend there’s also a Black Guillemot from Bangor – an iconic bird of the town’s harbour. Slightly less geographically relevant but equally impressive is the Palm Cockatoo from Australia and New Guinea which was painted in Belfast.

Amuk‘s piece for Southend City Jam 2022.
Amed working on his mural in Southend-on-Sea – round the corner from Amuk.
Candie‘s Union Jack shutter next to Otto Schade‘s face mural in London’s Brick Lane.
A work by Catherine Chinatree which we found in Leicester.
“Love, loss n beyond” – Carl Kenz‘s contribution to Belfast’s ‘Hit The North 22’ street art festival.
Another from the Southend City Jam 2022 – this one by Brave 1 on the adjacent wall to a large mural by Dan Kitchener.
Ster, one of the organisers of the Southend City Jam, added this work to the event.
Slightly tucked away from the other murals completed for the Southend City Jam, Voyder‘s portrait of Ster was well worth seeking out.
Dan Leo working on his crab mural at the Southend City Jam.
Not quite finished, but this Yeko mural for Southend City Jam is already a bit special.
The beating heart of Liverpool captured in this Soma359 pasteup which we snapped across the Wirral in New Brighton.

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New gallery: Carla Hodgson

Following a trip to Northern Ireland back in December we are pleased to be able to add multi-disciplinary artist Carla Hodgson to The Street Art Directory. Carla is based in Co Down and graduated from the University of Ulster with a BA Honours degree in Fine and Applied Arts in 2001. Through her training she has been able to explore all avenues of art and she regards herself as an artistic allrounder able to work across all media.

In the biography section of her website Carla says:

A growing part of my practice is large scale murals, indoor and outdoor. I am growing more and more committed to making socially engaging art, involving local community to create projects that have a positive impact on the public. I feel it is vital in these times to animate dead spaces and bare walls.

Whilst in Bangor, Co Down, before Christmas we found one of those dead spaces with a bare wall that had been well and truly animated with a stunning purple octopus reaching a tentacle across the footpath and round a nearby rock.

Visit Carla Hodgson‘s gallery in The Street Art Directory.

Carla can be found on Instagram at @carlahodgsonart.

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Bangor is an energy

We kick off 2020 on The Street Art Directory with a couple of New Year’s Day photos from Northern Ireland. The seaside resort of Bangor sits on the Co Down coast east of Belfast and a quick walk along the road past the harbour reveals two pieces of street art featuring The Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd front man John Lydon. Each features a play on the “Anger is an energy” lyric from PiL’s song Rise in praise of the town: “Bangor is an energy”.

On the boarded up The Windsor on Quay street you will find a brightly coloured mural by Friz, the yellow and red colouring echoing the Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks album cover. Nearby on Queen’s Parade there is an unsigned John Lydon stencil on another boarded-up building.

“Bangor is an energy” by Friz.
Friz’s John Lydon portrait (detail).
John Lydon “Bangor is an energy” stencil by unknown artist.