Boris Johnson, Prime Minister – a reflection

As the 32nd longest serving Prime Minister in UK history Boris Johnson certainly provided plenty of material to fuel the imaginations of street artists in his 3 years and 44 days in charge of the country. On 6 September 2022 Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stepped down from the role and handed the metaphorical baton to Liz Truss. Now seems a good time to bring together a selection of the many and varied pasteups, murals and other artwork he inspired that has been shared on our streets over the last few years.

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New galleries: Vlek, Voidnumber6, Wild Wonder Woman, Won ABC, Wilf Dessent

Hot on the heels of our addition of new artists for the ‘Z’ section of The Street Art Directory we today bring you another selection of new artists. We bring you an excellent Vlek stencil from Bergen and Voidnumber6 and Wild Wonder Woman works from London. There’s also a Won ABC mural from Leicester and a series of colourful pieces by Wilf Dessent brightening up the Withington district of Manchester.

Vlek mural on a street cabinet in Bergen, Norway.
Voidnumber6 sticker in London’s Ely’s Yard.
This Wild Wonder Woman pasteup appeared as part of the London International Pasteup Festival in Shoreditch at the end of 2021.
The partially obscured Won ABC mural in Leicester.
Shop shutter decorated by Wilf Dessent in for Withington Walls.

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New galleries: Zurdie, Zezão, Zone Two, Zippy

We’ve been busy photographing art over recent months and it is now time to let some of these loose on the website. We have just added three new artist galleries which help flesh out the rather impoverished ‘Z‘ section of The Street Art Directory. Two of these – Zurdie and Zippy were snapped in Belfast earlier this year are works completed for the ‘Hit The North 2022’ street art festival. Alongside these we include Zezão‘s beautiful piece from under a bridge in Hackney Wick and a series of new pasteups from Shoreditch by Zone Two.

Zippy mural in North Belfast.
Zurdie piece from Kent Street in Belfast.
Zezão mural in Hackney Wick, London, north of White Post Lane.
One of a series of Zone Two pasteups that we discovered around Bethnal Green Rd and Brick Lane in East London.

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New gallery: Alicedalilart

We have just added Alicedalilart to The Street Art Directory. Alicedalilart is a London-based Italian artist who was born in Milan.

Her art focuses primarily on characters set in a world of blue shades, combining colours that inspire a peaceful atmosphere and invigorate a sense of calm and wellbeing. She uses a variety of techniques to create her artwork and tries to make use of eco-friendly materials and fabrics.

Visit Alicedalilart‘s gallery in The Street Art Directory.

You can find Alicedalilart on Instagram at @alicedalilart and he also visit her website.

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London International Pasteup Festival – November 2021

The walls of Shoreditch have for some time been the epicentre of London’s street art scene and the go-to place to find murals, stencils, pasteups and other delights. Until recently pasteups have been largely relegated to quiet cul-de-sacs and side streets where they can be installed without drawing attention and often being pasted over in a matter of hours or removed (sometimes within minutes) by fans selfishly wanting a piece of the damp artwork for themselves. A few months ago, in a breath of fresh air for the genre, there was a well publicised legal pasteup event on Cheshire Street, just off Brick Lane. Here the wall alongside the Secret Art Gallery was covered in colourful work from a range of artists, organised by the gallery itself with help from prolific paster Subdude.

The very colourful curated pasteup wall in Cheshire Street back in May 2021.

Step forward a few months and pasteups got another boost with the announcement of the first London International Pasteup Festival (LIPF) curated by Art House Project and Outside The Zone (OTZ). A request was published for artists to submit works to be added and the project was inundated envelopes from artists from around the world.

The LIPF was held from 4th to 7th Nov 2021. With the help of many of the artists a series of dedicated street locations in East London were covered with an amazing array of paste up artwork. All these locations were conveniently just a short walk from the Hoxton Gallery, which hosted the event, and held an exhibition of selected artists’ original artworks and a pop up store selling prints and the like. The festival also included a guided walk around the sites and live pasteup sessions.

LIPF pasteup wall in Braithwaite St
The ‘monster’ LIPF-curated wall in Dereham Place with its almost overwhelming array of pasteups
A fun evening was had by all at the London International Pasteup Festival launch at Hoxton Gallery on the evening of 4th November.
LIPF launch at Hoxton Gallery

The artists involved in the festival included: Donk, Luap, Wrdsmth, Dr Cream, Ben Rider, Carla Mata Hari, Shuby, Hellothemushroom, Endless, Subdude, Apparan, Tweet, Apparan, ‘Orrible, AKC, Morgazmik, Neon Savage, Oddo, Mort, Werck1, The End Of Animals, Ezura Forest, Bentoghoul, DD Regalo and Lucie Flynn – along with very many more. We have already uploaded some of the work from the LIPF to The Street Art Directory and we have lots more to add in the coming weeks.

Live pasteup session at Hoxton Gallery

A massive well done to everyone involved in making the festival a huge success. We are now looking forward to the next LIPF – is 2022 too soon?

New gallery: Iain Macarthur

We’ve just added Iain Macarthur to The Street Art Directory. Iain is a London-based artist and illustrator and we found some of his black-and-white tiger pasteups in Hackney Wick. The artist’s biography suggests that his pieces are made from chaotic elements of patterns and nature and depict a sense of beauty and surrealism. We think these impressive tiger heads fulfil the remit.

Iain can be found on Instagram at @iain.macarthur.

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New gallery: Cali O

We’ve just added Cali O to The Street Art Directory. Cali O is a London based Designer and Animator who creates digital and print designs, animations and ceramics.

The 8″x8″ ceramic tile featured here was photographed in East London. It is one of 40 of this design which were liberated on the streets of London and Paris. Titled ‘Diamonds’ it is produced with laser printed ink (inset glaze) and was for sale as a (now sold out) limited edition of 6 pieces with 3 artist’s proofs.

Cali O can be found on Instagram at @cali_o_ and he has a website:

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New gallery: CANEMORTO

We’ve just added CANEMORTO to The Street Art Directory. CANEMORTO is a trio of anonymous Italian artists. The collective has been active since 2007 and have produced works all around Europe. The imagery of Canemorto mixes the language of graffiti with the cult of an evil dog deity called Txakurra, who influences the works and choices of the group.

We captured a few photos of a monochrome mural by CANEMORTO in Hackney Wick, London, in 2021 which was painted way back (in street art terms) in 2012. It is suffering a little from being tagged over lower down and is part-hidden by a large Buddleia bush but remains a magnificent piece.

CANEMORTO can be found on Instagram at @canemorto_fan_club and they have a website.

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Bentoghoul collaborations

In our ramblings we have come to love Bentoghoul‘s skull-design stickers and paste-ups. As well as his solo work Bento has also collaborated with a number of other street artists and we share a selection here. Most of these were photographed on the streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the the Brick Lane area of London.

Here we share with you collabs with Dacarter, Doesthepope, Werck1, Tsmoke, TRP613, Deadpixels, Cannakilla, Mycutecreatures and Herr Eifel.

Bentoghoul x Herr Eifel
Bentoghoul x Cannakilla
Bentoghoul x Deadpixels
Bentoghoul x Werck1
Bentoghoul x Mycutecreatures
Bentoghoul x Tsmoke
Bentoghoul x Doesthepope
Bentoghoul x TRP613
Bentoghoul x Dacarter

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New galleries: Medea, Mo Morrell, Haze, Gűneş Terkol, Chris Martin, Neonita, HWJ, Condur, Eggs, Curiouser

With a couple of recent visits to London, camera in tow, we have a huge number of photos to share with you. In this bumper update we bring you a selection of new artists, each of whom have their own gallery page on the website. Curiouser – known to her friends as Ly has three murals in the site and we also have several of Haze‘s stylised stick characters and Condur‘s little paste-ups. There’s a shop shutter by Mo Morrell and other murals by Gűneş Terkol and Chris Martin. We really like the colourful paste-up by Medea and Chris Martin‘s large piece opposite Luap‘s giant pink bear in Shoreditch. We’re not sure the Eggs‘ egg enhances Woskerski‘s piece but is shown alongside another work on a shop shutter in Old Street. As well as all these we have pieces by Neonita and HWJ.

Alongside these new artists we’ve also added loads of photos to existing galleries, including those for Oddo, Tweet, Mini Gabi, Ben Eine, Smiler, Apparan, Buhloonehead, Daddystreetfox, DMINTN , Ed Hicks, Fuer Panda and HNRX.

Medea paste-up on the newly decorated wall in London’s Cheshire St.
Mo Morrall shop shutter.
One of Haze’s characters in Blackall St.
“Home is my heart” – Gűneş Terkol’s mural in Middlesex St for Art Night 2017.
Chris Martin’s mural under the Bateman’s Row bridge.
Neonita mural in Allen Gardens.
HWJ (defaced) on Braithwaite St.
Condur’s nod to the Megan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Eggs’ egg outline over Woskerski’s egg on a washing line mural.
Curiouser mural in Allen Gardens.