Boris Johnson, Prime Minister – a reflection

As the 32nd longest serving Prime Minister in UK history Boris Johnson certainly provided plenty of material to fuel the imaginations of street artists in his 3 years and 44 days in charge of the country. On 6 September 2022 Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stepped down from the role and handed the metaphorical baton to Liz Truss. Now seems a good time to bring together a selection of the many and varied pasteups, murals and other artwork he inspired that has been shared on our streets over the last few years.

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Bentoghoul collaborations

In our ramblings we have come to love Bentoghoul‘s skull-design stickers and paste-ups. As well as his solo work Bento has also collaborated with a number of other street artists and we share a selection here. Most of these were photographed on the streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the the Brick Lane area of London.

Here we share with you collabs with Dacarter, Doesthepope, Werck1, Tsmoke, TRP613, Deadpixels, Cannakilla, Mycutecreatures and Herr Eifel.

Bentoghoul x Herr Eifel
Bentoghoul x Cannakilla
Bentoghoul x Deadpixels
Bentoghoul x Werck1
Bentoghoul x Mycutecreatures
Bentoghoul x Tsmoke
Bentoghoul x Doesthepope
Bentoghoul x TRP613
Bentoghoul x Dacarter

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New galleries: Vanity Scare, Tea One / Tone, 30dz, Fluoro Jo, Spooky Mushroom, Ratanic, r64gg, Moorecontent, Greatt Whyte, The Trash Bandit, Cramputz, Ales

This latest update to The Street Art Directory adds a host of new artists to the sate based solely on works photographed in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. And we may well have enough to do another purely Manchester update, so rich is the city’s Northern Quarter for street art. Now added to the website are Vanity Scare, Tea One (also known as Tone), 30dz, Fluoro Jo, Spooky Mushroom, Ratanic, r64gg, Moorecontent, Greatt Whyte, Cramputz and Ales.

Here are some examples of the artists’ work:

Vanity Scare paste-up
Tea One mural on the wall of the Wheatsheaf pub off Tib Street. We’re not sure who is responsible for the head-standing characters on the side of the wall.
This paste-up by 30dz is long past its prime but still hanging in there.
Fluoro Jo’s “Vote monkey get monkey” pasteups.
Spooky Mushroom sticker (thanks to Yaya for letting us know who this one was by).
One of three works by Ratanic that we have added to the site.
Sticker by r64gg we found several pieces by this artist
One of several paste-ups by Moorecontent that we found in the Northern Quarter.
Great Whyte’s collaboration with The Trash Bandit.

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New galleries: SHN, Visual Waste, Vincent Jimovich, The Frym, Peter Evans, Peter Barber

Today’s update to The Street Art Directory brings you 6 new artists with works from London and Manchester. We are pleased to add murals from London by SHN, Visual Waste, Vincent Jimovich and The Frym. There’s also a commercial advertising piece in Manchester by Peter Barber. Finally we include a London “Real Hope” paste-up by Peter Evans.

As ever there have been lots of additions to existing artist galleries so please do click on the Artists index and explore.

A long-gone mural by Brazilian artist SHN near Old St in London.
One of a trio of easy to miss Steve McQueen murals by Visual Waste in Shoreditch.
A recent mural in the ever-changing gallery that is London’s Allen Gardens by Vincent Jimovich.
A piece by The Frym off Brick Lane in London.
“real Hope” – a paste-up by Peter Evans.
Peter Barber mural for EE in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.