New galleries: Benson Koo, Brager, Benzi Brofman, Sven, Lobogordo Grolou, Emmalene Blake, Driper, Cry, Anonymouse, Alethea, Brickflats

This update to The Street Art Directory includes another new suite of artist galleries. We have BragerDriper and Cry from Southend-on-Sea which include works from the recent street art jam there; we will be bringing you another selection of work from the Southend City Jam shortly. Also added are Benson KooBenzi Brofman, Alethea and Brickflats from a recent visit to London’s Shoreditch, Anonymouse from last year’s London International Pasteup Festival and an Emmalene Blake mural from Hit The North in Belfast. Finally we include a wall photographed in San José in Costa Rica with a Lobogordo Grolou work partially painted over by Sven.

Benson Koo pasteup.
Brager wall from the Southend city Jam 2022.
Benzi Brofman‘s Salvador Dali from Brick Lane in London.
Sven over Lobogordo Grolou in Sân José, Costa Rică.
Emmalene Blake tribute to Lyra McKee.
Driper‘s pigeon mural from Southend.
Cry‘s excellent 2021 work from Southend.
Anonymouse for the London International Pasteup Festival 2021.
Alethea in Allen Gardens.
Brickflats flat in miniature in Shoreditch.

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