New galleries: Vlek, Voidnumber6, Wild Wonder Woman, Won ABC, Wilf Dessent

Hot on the heels of our addition of new artists for the ‘Z’ section of The Street Art Directory we today bring you another selection of new artists. We bring you an excellent Vlek stencil from Bergen and Voidnumber6 and Wild Wonder Woman works from London. There’s also a Won ABC mural from Leicester and a series of colourful pieces by Wilf Dessent brightening up the Withington district of Manchester.

Vlek mural on a street cabinet in Bergen, Norway.
Voidnumber6 sticker in London’s Ely’s Yard.
This Wild Wonder Woman pasteup appeared as part of the London International Pasteup Festival in Shoreditch at the end of 2021.
The partially obscured Won ABC mural in Leicester.
Shop shutter decorated by Wilf Dessent in for Withington Walls.

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New galleries: Erin Holly, Čedomir Vasić, John Petch, Utopia Panda, Un Kolor Distinto, Truth, Mandalaera, Senkoe, Meki,  Manolo Mesa, Fictional Supervillain

In this latest lockdown update to The Street Art Directory we have added a bunch of new artists. We include murals by Erin Holly in Walthamstow, Čedomir Vasić in Belgrade, Un Kolor Distinto in Shoreditch and from London one by Manolo Mesa and a Mandalaera & Senkoe collaboration.  There’s also a work by Meki and pieces by Truth, Utopia Panda and Fictional Supervillain. Finally, we include the John Petch-decorated phone box in Meols made famous by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s song “Red Frame White Light”.

As ever we have also added lots of new photos to existing artist galleries. Visit the index page here to see who is included in the directory.

The Angel of Forest Road. Erin Holly’s portrait of Joseph Williams-Torres. In March 2018 Williams-Torres was mistakenly murdered in his van just down the road from this mural in Essex Close by Hamza Ul Haq, Loic Nengese and an unnamed 16 year old.
This mural in Belgrade, Serbia, dates from 1984 and was restored and repainted in the early 2000s. It is the work of Čedomir Vasić (professor, artist and former rector) with a group of art students from the city’s University of Arts.
Utopia Panda sticker in Hackney Wick.
Un Kolor Distinto mural off Brick Lane in London.
The phone box on Greenwood Road, Meols, was famously the ‘office’ of OMD’s founding members Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphries as neither had a telephone at home. When it was removed by BT there was a collective effort by fans of the band to bring the phone box back and it is now installed as a permanent tribute to the group, with the windows decorated by Liverpool artist John Petch. John had been previously commissioned by the band to produce original paintings to complement and accompany ‘The Punishment of Luxury’ album
Truth piece from London.
Vibrant ‘work in progress’ collaboration between Mandalaera and Senkoe on Old Street in London.
Meki in London.
Manolo Mesa’s tagged over “Free breastfeeding” mural in Shoreditch.
Fictional Superviallain’s Ryan Fitzpatrick head sticker over a paste-up by Dacarter.

New galleries: Skone, SinnSykShit, Skore, Stayone, STeW, Scott Marsh, seiLeise, Sandie Carol, Samuel Obando

Pick a letter – any letter. ‘S’? OK, ‘S’ it is. Here’s a few artists new to The Street Art Directory who all fall under ‘S’ – Skone, SinnSykShit, Skore, Stayone, STeW, Scott Marsh, SeiLeise, Sandie Carol and Samuel Obando. A bundle of delights here from the streets of London, San José, Bodø and Bergen.

If you can’t go out to look at walls then bring the walls into your living room. Here’s the link the full list of featured artists.

Stay safe.

Skore piece off Brick Lane, London.
SinnSykShit mural perforated by a new window in Bodø, Norway.
Skone in San José, Costa Rica.
Large STeW Kinfisher mural in Bergen, Norway.
Paste-up by Tim Ossege aka SeiLeise in London.
Sandie Carol in Bergen, Norway.
Samuel Obando mural in San José, Costa Rica.
Spore mural in London.
Scott Marsh’s “Merry Crisis”

New galleries: Peter Woodford Smith, Masha, Lchtnbrg, Jelly, Jess Wildcat, Izurri Beltza, Harry Connisco, Russell Shaw Higgs, Emma Siuciak, Bubbles, Arizona Smith, Anna Maria Tierno, StickermaidBerlin

After the last’s update to The Street Art Directory from Costa Rica today we bring you new artist galleries with pate-ups and stickers photographed in London’s Shoreditch back in February. Peter Woodford Smith, Masha, LCHTNBRG, Jelly, Jess Wildcat, Izurri Beltza, Harry Connisco, Russell Shaw Higgs, Emma Siuciak, Bubbles, Arizona Smith, Anna Maria Tierno and StickermaidBerlin.

We’ve also updated lots of existing galleries including Dacarter, Hallidonto, Benjamin Irritant, Ben Rider, Bentoghoul, Boby, Some One Else, Deranged Elf, Dipikt, Dmstff, Dr Cream, Dr D, Dr Morph, Dscreet, Floating Concrete, Glor, Heaven’s Rejects, Hello The Mushroom, Jake Ghost, Jimzina, Knapple, Mighty Mo, My Cute Creatures, N.dergruNd, Neon Savage, Oddo, ‘Orrible, Papa Rocko and Pegasus.

During this period of COVID-19 lockdown please stay at home and help save lives.

Masha pase-up.
Russell Shaw Higgs.
Lchtnbrg sticker.
Izurri Beltza sticker.
Emma Siuciak.
Harry Connisco sticker.
Anna Maria Tierno.
Peter Woodford Smith.
Jess Wildcat.
Arizona Smith.