Lots of new artists added to The Street Art Directory

We have made another attempt to fill some gaps in The Street Art Directory and have added lots more artist galleries. Many of these we found had created works in London but we also feature pieces from New Brighton, Belfast, Southend, Costa Rica, Norway and more.

There’s too many new artists to feature works by each in this one post but we will give you links to their gallery pages. New artists include: 33wallflower33, Luax, Lucie Flynn, Lotte, Lobster Robin, Bruna Alcantara, Ernesto Romano, Iljin, Guccini, Wafa Love, Love, Smug, Manual Halftone, Cleon, BadBelfast, Ollystudio, 2onetwo, Rot, Rory O’Connor, Robski, Annisower, AlieNadia, Alex Rubes, Acter, Glafira Severianova, Alexander Menukhov, 3ZETAS, Bozek One, Asem, Aroe, Plannedalism, Nexlev and Nute.

Here’s just a small selection of pics by these artists:

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