New galleries: Griff, Greg Abbott, Goldloxe, Glen Molloy, Gerry Norman, Gaute Haugland, Gakusel, Fem Sorcell, Faigy, Eugène Barricade, DragoSteaArt, Doink

Some more new artist galleries have been added to The Street Art Directory. We have the decorative little head sculptures by Griff that have been found around Shoreditch, Greg Abbott‘s painted finger nails from Hackney Wick, and Goldloxe and Eugène Barricade pasteups from last year’s London International Pasteup Festival. There’s also Glen Molloy, Gerry Norman, and Faigy murals from Belfast, Doink mural from Hackney Wick, and stickers from Fem Sorcell and DragoSteaArt. Finally we have an old piece from Cheltenham by Gakusel and a Gaute Haugland mural from Bergen in Norway.

More new artists coming soon!

Griff sculpture
One of a couple of Greg Abbott pieces we found in Hackney Wick.
Goldloxe pasteup for London International Pasteup Festival in 2021.
Glen Molloy in Belfast.
Gerry Norman mural in Belfast.
Gaute Haugland in Bergen.
Gakusel in Cheltenham.
Fem Sorcell sticker.
Faigy in North Belfast.
Eugène Barricade for the 2021 London International Pasteup Festival.
DragoSteaArt sticker in Manchester‘s Northern Quarter.
Doink in Hackney Wick.

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